LA Times

Last fall I started freelancing for the LA Times, contributing film reviews, which has been a fantastic opportunity. Check out a few links below.

Lightweight ‘Life Partners’ depicts ups and downs of BFFs

Oh, what a struggle is ‘Life of an Actress: The Musical’

In ‘Pelo Malo,’ boy’s hair issues spark tensions with mother

In ‘Dreamcatcher,’ ex-prostitute tries to help others in trade

‘A Girl Like Her’ adds twist on bullying, but story stumbles

Review: ‘Control’ is a quiet triumph with a distinctive voice

Sisterhood of Night’ mixes girl empowerment and goth

‘Road Within’ is a bumpy trip through personal challenges

Domestic-violence thriller ‘The Living’ proves DOA

‘Felix and Meira’ finds small freedom in a repressive landscape

‘Chic!’ takes on Paris’ fashion world with heart, humor and style

‘Miles to Go’ an aimless ride

‘Dawn Patrol’ an over-the-top surfing family tragedy

’11th Hour’ could use more time to reach its conclusion

‘Revenge of the Mekons’ a loving tribute to cult band

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