March 2016 Reviews

March 4th

LA Times 

‘Ava’s Possessions’ shows it can get tiresome playing with demons

‘Trapped’ is a primer on increased regulation of U.S. abortion providers


Movie review: ‘Knight of Cups’ is best for Malick devotees

‘Zootopia’ review: Rabbit, fox fight crime, stereotypes in Disney’s big city adventure

‘The Wave’ review: Norway’s first disaster movie takes viewers for a wild ride

March 11th

LA Times

In ‘Backgammon,’ wordy mind games win out over an artistic streak

Teen rebellion and survival tactics keep ‘About Scout’ intriguing

Energetic ‘Me Him Her’ needs to relax … now breathe

This ‘Perfect’ romance offers only surface appeal


Movie review: ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ is terrifying, terrific

‘Brothers Grimsby’ review: Sacha Baron Cohen’s taboo, gross-out displays derail the film

‘Lolo’ review: Julie Delpy’s lighthearted comedy on mid-life dating

Movie review: ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’ expertly handles some heavy issues

March 18th

LA Times

Miracles From Heaven’ delivers a fact-based doozy, but also offers more human miracles


Movie review: ‘Allegiant’ is more dull than dazzling

Movie Review: Less Is So Much More In Feel-Bad Classic ‘Krisha’

March 25th

LA Times 

‘Valley of Love’ is a spiritual trip into Death Valley for French couple

‘No Letting Go’ sheds light on early mental illness but suffers from a dearth of subtext


Movie review: ‘I Saw the Light’ doesn’t measure up to its subject

Movie review: ‘Batman v Superman’ is a super-sized bore


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